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Deputy Vice-Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry

Toshihide Kasutani

picture of Director-General, Economic and Industrial Policy Bureau Mr. Toshihide Kasutani

Mr. Toshihide Kasutani has served as Deputy Vice-Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) since July 2018. He manages budgets, personnel affairs, and digital transformation at METI and is instrumental in planning, designing and implementing METI policies.

Mr, Kasutani previously served as Director-General of the Economic and Industrial Policy Bureau where he managed the wider coordination of METI economic and industrial initiatives and tax reform measures, especially promoting corporate governance and productivity. He also worked as Assistant Deputy Secretary General of Japan Economic Recovery Secretariat at Prime Minister’s Cabinet Office, responsible for the formulation and implementation of Japan’s Growth Strategy.

Prior to this, Mr. Kasutani served as the Director-General of the Manufacturing Industries Bureau. In that position, he promoted policies to help the Japanese manufacturing industry respond to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, while fostering international cooperation with Germany and other countries.

After the Great East Japan Earthquake, he worked to advance electricity system reform as the Director-General of the Electricity and Gas Industry Department. As Director-General for Policy Planning Coordination in 2013, he contributed to progress toward decommissioning reactors and handling contaminated water at the TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. He also aided reconstruction of the affected areas by forming a joint public-private team to support local businesses.

Mr. Kasutani has served in many roles since joining METI, including Director of the Iron and Steel Division, Director of the Environmental Policy Division, Executive Assistant to the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, Director of the Corporate Affairs Division, and Director of the Budget and Accounts Division.

Mr. Kasutani is a graduate of the University of Tokyo’s Faculty of Law. He has also earned a Master’s degree from the Harvard Business School.

Mr. Kasutani was born on July 12, 1961 in Hyogo Prefecture.

Last updated:2018-11-19