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Emerging Technologies

(1) Strategy for becoming an environment and energy power through “green innovation”

(Growth from green innovation and securing support resources)
Japan will be transformed into a low-carbon economy and society through measures to support the spread and expansion of renewable energies (solar, wind, small-scale hydroelectric, biomass, geothermal, etc.) by expanding the electric power feed-in tariff system, promoting low-carbon investment and financing, and expanding the use of information and communications technologies. We will also steadily pursue the use of nuclear power, while gaining the understanding and trust of the Japanese people, with safety as the top priority.

We will speed the development of innovative technologies including storage batteries, next-generation vehicles, improved thermal power plant efficiency, and information and communications systems with lower electric power consumption. Moreover, we will realize comprehensive greenhouse gas emissions reductions in the transportation and household sectors by promoting modal shifts, encouraging the use of energy-conserving consumer electronics, and the like.

We will achieve efficient electric power supply and demand through a Japanese-version smart grid linking electric power suppliers and electricity users via information systems, and spark new demand through related equipment in households, promoting this as a growth area. We will also support the acquisition of share in related growth markets overseas.

We will realize complete cyclical use of domestic resources by promoting recycling, promoting technological development of rare metals and rare earth elements that can replace existing energy resources, and advancing a comprehensive strategy to secure resources and energy.

(2) Health power strategy through “life innovation”

(Promoting research and development of innovative pharmaceuticals and medical and nursing care technologies from Japan)

We will promote research and development of highly safe, superior, and innovative pharmaceuticals and medical and nursing care technologies from Japan. We will advance unified approaches among industry, government, and academia, foster drug development ventures, and promote research, development, and application in a number of fields. These include new drugs, regenerative medicine and other state-of-the-art medical technologies, remote medical treatment systems making full use of information and communications technologies, the use of manufacturing technologies to improve personal mobility for the elderly, and medical and nursing care robots. As prerequisites, we will work to resolve the drug and device lag as an urgent issue, improve the clinical testing environment, and expedite drug approval decisions.

From “the New Growth Strategy” (Cabinet Decision in June, 2010)

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