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(1) Multi-nuclide Removal Equipment, etc.

<< Countermeasures to Manage Contaminated Water

  • The treatment of contaminated water was accelerated by introducing multiple purification systems, and the treatment of the reverse osmosis (RO) concentrated water was completed on May 27, 2015. Treated water that still needs to be purified continues to be re-purified, and contaminated water that is newly generated continues to be treated.
  • Effective dose at the site boundary (evaluation value) reached 1 mSv/year at the end of March 2016 (evaluation value: 0.96 mSv/year).
Further purification of treated water
» Water from equipment other than multi-nuclide removal equipment (water treated to remove strontium) is being re-purified with multi-nuclide removal equipment.
» Of the water treated with multi-nuclide removal system,
  • Treated water when purification performance had degraded due to past equipment trouble is to be re-purified.
  • Concerning treated water other than that described above, further purification in addition to methods for the final management of that water are to be considered.
Remaining water at the bottom of the water tanks
» The remaining water at the bottom of the tanks that cannot be pumped up (less than approximately 10,000 m3) is to be treated simultaneously while the tanks are being dismantled.
Target values for the effective dose at site boundaries (Nuclear Regulation Authority)
Date End of March 2015 End of March 2016
Target Less than 2 mSv/year Less than 1 mSv/year

Division in Charge

Nuclear Accident Response Office, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy

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