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Announcement of Request for Proposal for Entities to Implement the Subsidy Program “Verification of Technologies for Contaminated Water Management (Demonstration Project for Verification Tests of Tritium Separation Technologies) Project” in the FY 2013 Supplementary Budget

May 15th, 2014

With regard to contaminated water arising in the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, efforts to remove 62 kinds of nuclides are ongoing, but it is not possible to remove tritium. In this situation, entities to implement verification tests of tritium separation technologies are being solicited. More precisely, in order to validate the separation technology, it is required to construct and use equipment, the scale of which is left to the implementing entity' s discretion, and to conduct verification tests that will enable evaluation of separation performance of the tritiated water (The concentration: from 6.3*105Bq/L to 4.2*106Bq/L (It varies according to the sampling date.)) arising in the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, construction costs, and operating costs.

The purpose of this project is to gather the latest information on tritium separation technology on the basis of the above-mentioned previous consideration. The results of this project will be utilized as needed for consideration of the task force; therefore reports of progress of the project, results of tentative calculation or data at the time, etc. will be required around four times per year. The data, etc. might be released to the task force as needed. In this case, the information will be released after coordination with the implementing entity and receipt of its assent.

To process the applications for RFP, we have selected the Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc., and it is now executing the tasks of the Project Management Office for the “Project of Decommissioning and Contaminated Water Management.” The Mitsubishi Research Institute has commenced to accept the application on May 15th and will accept the application until July 17, 2014, 12:00 Noon (Japan time). Please note that no application will be accepted after the deadline.

As for the eligibility to apply, the private companies, etc. need to satisfy several conditions set by the Government of Japan. These conditions, application procedure, the information on evaluation and adoption and other relevant information are available in the guidelines uploaded on the following website of the Mitsubishi Research Institute.

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