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Japan's Challenges
Concerning the Domestic and International Implications of TEPCO's Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Station

March 8, 2012
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

Table of Contents

A. Japan Faces an Unprecedented ChallengePDF File
(Enormous Earthquake, Tsunamis and Nuclear Accident)(PDF:698KB)

  1. Damage
  2. Rescue Efforts and Foreign Assistance
  3. Nuclear Power Stations

B. Key ChallengesPDF File (PDF:1,082KB)

  1. Cool Down of the Reactors
  2.  Rigorous and Intensive Monitoring
  3. Rigorous and Intensive Monitoring
  4. Ensure the Safety of Food, Products and Decontamination

C. Impact on Japanese EconomyPDF File (PDF:954KB)

  1. Reconstruction and Recovery
  2. Estimated Economic Damage of the Earthquake and Plan for Reconstruction
  3. Electricity and Energy Policy
  4. Steps in Policy Measures for Reconstruction

D. Information SharingPDF File (PDF:317KB)

  1. Speedy Dissemination of Accurate Information
  2. Press Release by International Organizations
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