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Oil Products Supply

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) sincerely regrets to have caused the inconvenience on oil products supply as a result of this earthquake.

METI are making our utmost efforts to supply essential oil products necessary for people’s lives such as gasoline, light oil and kerosene in metropolitan areas as well as disaster areas, cooperating with oil companies and gas stations around the clock.

However METI apologize for any inconvenience in regards to insufficient management.

Operation has been suspended at six oil refineries as a result of this disaster, however recovery of supply capacity is expected to steadily recover in oil refineries hereafter.
*Operation has been suspended at six out of 27 oil refineries in Japan, however three refineries out of six are expected to recover steadily after next week.

On the other hand, oil products have not actually reached disaster areas. Recovery of oil terminals and port facilities as well as increasing the supply capacity of oil products themselves is important. The government is taking measures with all force.

Anyhow, as the first priority, METI are taking measures to supply oil products for essential places such as those essential to the preservation of life, including hospitals, communication facilities and local fire departments, and supplies for securing transportation in disaster areas.

METI has been working on how to ensure the stable supply of oil products by release of three days of private sector oil reserves well as requesting the Petroleum Association and Zensekiren to supply oil products smoothly.

Thus we would appreciate people's cooperation and ask them to please refrain from purchasing non-urgent gasoline, light oil and kerosene unnecessarily.

Release Date

March 16, 2011

Division in Charge

Natural Resources and Fuel Department, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy

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