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Japan's Promotion Measures for Introduction

(1) Subsidies/Taxation

  • Subsidies to reduce initial cost for renewable energy introduction and taxation to provide incentives for introduction are easily understood by introducers and greatly contribute to dissemination and expansion. [Due to the effect of the subsidy scheme for household PV introduction (cumulative ¥132.2 billion) and expansion of demand, the introduced capacity grew by approx. 60 times, and the introduction cost was reduced by 1/6 as compared to the year before the subsidy started (as of December 2008).
  • Japan has thus far implemented assistance to about 480 PV power generation projects and about 250 wind power generation projects as part of the support to accelerate introduction of new energy (from FY1997 to FY2008).
    (*) Other than subsidy projects, many projects, including demonstration projects, have been carried out (for example, about 3000 PV power generation field test projects).

Examples of support projects for introduction of new energy

Mega Solar
Large-scale demonstration test

Housing PV
Support project for housing PV introduction

PV Power Generation
Support for business operators

Wind Power
Regional new energy project

Biomass Power Generation
Support for business operators

Small-scale hydropower generation
Subsidy for developing small and medium power plants

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