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Status by Energy Source

Wind Power Generation

Data (as of 2005)

  • Introduced capacity: Approx. 1.08 million kW (0.44 million kl crude oil equivalent)
  • Power generation cost: Approx. ¥10-14/kWh
  • CO2reduction cost (estimate): Approx. ¥4,200-10,800/t-CO2

Outlook of long-term energy demand (case of optimal introduction)

  • Increase in introduced capacity by about 5 times compared to FY 2005 in 2020 (5 million kW)


  • Power generation cost is relatively low and profitability is high.
  • Emergence of new technologies such as small wind power/offshore wind power


  • Site restraints (wind strength, natural parks, scenery, bird strikes, etc.)
  • Power generation cost is likely to increase in a step-wise manner
  • Output is instable, and there are electric system restraints
  • Anti-noise measures, etc.

Present promotion measures for introduction

  • Subsidy (for business and public facilities)
  • Taxation
  • RPS
  • R & D/demonstration tests
Changes in Cumulative Wind Power Introduced Capacity Wind Power Introduced Capacity (2008)

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