WTO Negotiations


EGA(Environment Goods Agreement)

ITA (Information Technology Agreement)


Electronic Commerce

WTO: Dispute Settlement

India: Safeguard Measures on Steel Products and Minimum Import Price on Iron and Steel Products

Korea: Anti-dumping Duties on Stainless Steel Bars

Korea: Anti-dumping Duties on Valves for Pneumatic Transmission

Brasil: Certain Measures Concerning Discriminatory Taxation and Charges

Ukraine: Safeguard Measures on Motor Vehicles

Russia: Recycling Fee on Motor Vehicles

EU: Tariff Treatment of Information Technology Products (WT/DS376)

Canada: Local Content Requirements(WT/DS412)

China: Anti-dumping Duties on Certain High-performance Stainless Steel Seamless Tubes

China: Export restrictions on three raw materials (WT/DS433)

Argentina: Import restrictions

Division in Charge

Multilateral Trade System Department, Trade Policy Bureau

Last updated:2018-11-07