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Cool Japan / Creative Industries Policy (Overseas Projects)

FY2011 Projects

Harajuku Street Style in Singapore (Singapore: Fashion)

Cool Japan Strategy: Singapore Program (Singapore: Content)

From East Japan: Making Japanese Foods an International Standard (Singapore: Food)

HOUSE VISION in China (China: Housing)

Project to Support SMEs’ Entry into China by Utilizing Yoshimoto Media (China: Regional products and content)

Platform Project Utilizing Japanese Content in the Indian Market (India: Content, food and fashion)

Tokyo Fashion Week in FIRENZE/DELHI (India and Italy: Fashion, food, design and content)

365 Days: Charming Everyday Things (France: Miscellaneous daily goods, interior products, and textiles)

Traditional Crafts x Luxury Project: WAO (U.S. and France: Traditional crafts)

Cool Japan through Lifestyle Branding (Export Strategy) (France: Town development and regional products)

The SOBA-YA Project: Promoting Understanding of .Genuine. Japanese Food Culture (U.S.: Food and commodities)

Project to Support Entry of Design-Enhanced Regional Products into the Brazilian Market (Brazil: Regional products)

The Kyushu Village Project (South Korea: Food and regional products)

Division in Charge

Creative Industries Division, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau
TEL: 81-3-3501-1511 (ext. 3651) or 81-3-3501-1750 (direct)

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