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kansei initiative -from Material Fulfillment to Emotional Fulfillment Kansei Japan Design Exhibition

What is Kansei?

Kansei value becomes perceivable when a user of a product empathizes with, or feels touched by, the consideration and commitment that its manufacturer has given to the product.

A product reflects the "consideration" that its manufacturer has given to the product, and the "materials and technologies" that have been developed through the manufacturer’s continuing efforts. A user of the product feels these things through the product and accepts them as a value such as "commitment" and "sense of security". In this way, the user empathizes with the product and uses it with care. The Japanese have long cherished such value. In the process of manufacturing a product, both the manufacturer and the user have tried to live in harmony with nature without destroying the natural environment.

Event Schedule

In FY 2010, two Kansei exhibitions are to be held in Kanazawa, Japan and Hong Kong, China.

Click on the city name for information on each event.

Paris, France Kobe, Japnan Kanazawa, Japan New York, USA
Hong Kong, China Tokyo, Japan

Future Events

  • Hong Kong, China (December 2nd-4th,2010)

Past Events

Kansei Value Creation Initiative

METI has realized the importance of "kansei value", a new measure of value dissimilar to conventional ones such as functionality and price that have served as sources of competitiveness in manufacturing.

METI has designated the three years from FY 2008 to FY 2010 as the "Kansei Value Creation Years", and is intensively implementing measures to create "kansei value" and communicate it to people both in Japan and abroad.

Outside Japan, this exhibition was held in Paris in December 2008 and in New York in May 2009, with the aim of communicating Japan’s manufacturing capacity that capitalizes on kansei. These events were well received.

In Japan, it took place in Aoyama, Tokyo, in January 2009, to increase the awareness of kansei value creation efforts in Japan and connecting the kansei of youth and regional SMEs and that of producers and users.

Thereafter, the Kansei Value Creation Museum in Kobe, designated as a UNESCO City of Design, was held to showcase the kansei value of products mainly made by companies in western Japan. Kobe has been designated as a UNESCO City of Design.

Conventional Value Axis

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New Value Axis

New Value Axis


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