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Growth Strategy: "Three Kinds of Visualization"

Three concerns that regional mid-ranking companies and SMEs struggle with:

  1. Don’t know how best to achieve specific means for growth
  2. Cannot sufficiently understand the broader public’s needs, so cannot expand business beyond the local group or community
  3. Problems with the support system (such as insufficient cooperation within the community and lack of cooperation beyond the community)
  • Visualization of the "Keys to success"
    • Visualization of clues for business expansion
    • Visualization of management improvement and human resources
  • Visualization of "Business opportunities"
    • Visualization of business needs and seeds
    • ?Visualization of quality of service
  • Visualization of the "Support system"
    • Establishment of a support network for the creation of core enterprises

Minister Miyazawa attended the opening event for “Visualization” of Japan's Growth Strategy (July 13th, Tachikawa-city)

  • photo:opening event 1
  • photo:opening event 2

A portal site on "keys and snares" to growth, titled "Mieru ☆ Hint (Visible Hints)"

Mieru ☆ Hint (Visible Hints) is a website that enables us to easily find tips and hints for seizing significant growth opportunities.


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