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Successful Applicants for a Project to Support SMEs in Developing Japan Brand Products and Services-Sixteen successful projects proposed by SMEs teaming up with business producers for developing new businesses overseas were selected-

For the purpose of expanding sales channels of SMEs overseas and revitalizing regional economies, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has been supporting projects in which regional SMEs team up with business producers to collaboratively engage in the entire process thoroughly — from market research and improving business materials* to PR and distribution efforts — for advancing businesses targeting overseas demand.

The examination committee of external experts examined 78 applicants for the project, from the viewpoint of how specific the proposals are and how effectively they utilize a business producer, and based on the examination results, METI selected 16 successful applicants.

In July 2014, METI will start the project to refine the proposed business materials to Japan brands products and services, and will aim to win demand overseas.

1. Outline of the project

There are some SMEs across Japan that have potential business materials that could be world-class commodities. However, such SMEs often face a variety of hurdles when they attempt to develop overseas sales channels on their own.

To address this situation, METI decided to support a project in which business producers that are familiar with consumers’ needs and lifestyles overseas team up with SMEs to win overseas demand. By doing so, METI will encourage such SMEs to expand their sales channels overseas.

Concerning the proposed projects, which were applied and selected for the project, METI will support a part of the cost for advancing new business, e.g., payments and travel expenses to business producers, as well as providing SMEs with support measures for developing sales channels and conveying information.

*Note: Target business materials include fashion items, regional products, services, items related to clothing, food and housing, and digital content.

2. Outline of the invitation and the results thereof

Application period:
From April 25 to May 27, 2014
Number of applicants:
Successful applicants:
16 (for an outline of the selected projects, see Appendix (PDF:132KB) PDF File (in Japanese))

Release Date

June 26, 2014

Division in Charge

Creative Industries Division, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau

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