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Joint Press Release with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsMETI and MIC Held the OECD Global Forum on the Knowledge Economy: Data-Driven Innovation for a Resilient Society

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) held the Global Forum on the Knowledge Economy (GFKE) 2014: Data-Driven Innovation for a Resilient Society, as a part of the events for commemorating the 50th anniversary of Japan’s accession to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The potential of big data and significant impact of such data on the economy, society and innovation were shared among the participants at the forum. In addition, global issues that should be solved to further advance the utilization of big data were discussed.

1. Outline of the OECD Global Forum on the Knowledge Economy 2014

In recent years, everything has been connected to the Internet enabling the comparison and analysis of a wide variety of data as big data obtained from the Internet. As a result of such comparison and analysis, people around the world now tend to proactively connect such big data with potential solutions for challenges that the current economy and society are facing as well as with new added value for businesses.

As an effort to address this situation, METI and MIC, jointly with the OECD, held the fourth OECD Global Forum on the Knowledge Economy in Tokyo, with experts from enterprises and academia as well as government officials from various countries attending, aiming to encourage the data-driven economy and promote innovation for a resilient society.

2. Outline of the forum

Date: October 2 (Thur.) and October 3 (Fri.), 2014
Venue: Hotel Okura Tokyo; 2-10-4, Toranomon, Minato Ward, Tokyo
Organizers: METI, MIC, OECD
Participants: About 400 people (government officials, people from enterprises and academia, experts, others)

3. Outline of the results

Focusing on a theme titled “Data-Driven Innovation for a Resilient Society,” participants discussed the potential of big data, and confirmed that the utilization of data will not only promote innovation and significantly contribute to economic growth, but also help the member countries address social challenges, including disaster risk management and aging society.

To achieve the goals, they further confirmed that it is important to encourage the free flow of data across national and organizational borders, and for this purpose, they also recognized the challenges to be overcome, including developing data analytic skills and competencies, protecting privacy, and encouraging open data.

In response to the results of the forum, Japan will discuss further efforts for utilizing big data at the meetings of the OECD Committee on Digital Economy Policy (CDEP).

For a summary of the forum’s results in English, see the Appendix. (PDF:26KB) PDF File

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October 3, 2014

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