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Traditional Crafts Exhibition WAZA 2015 to be Held–Take Home the Heart of Japan–

From February 19 to 24, 2015, the Association for the Promotion of Traditional Craft Industries (DENSAN) will hold the Traditional Crafts Exhibition WAZA 2015, focusing on the theme, “Take Home the Heart of Japan.” About 80 traditional crafts that have been manufactured with traditional technologies and techniques for more than 100 years will be brought from 26 prefectures and exhibited at the event. English- and Chinese-language translators will assist visitors from overseas.

1. Outline of the event

Recently, traditional Japanese crafts, which collectively have become iconic of Japan’s monodzukuri (manufacturing) culture, have been attracting the attention of people from overseas in particular, as well as those in Japan, and also have been inspiring strong interest among foreign tourists in Japan.

At the event, about 80 traditional crafts from 26 prefectures will be exhibited, including Nambu-tekki ironware, a popular craft among foreign tourists. At the same time, some experts across Japan will gather at the event and demonstrate craft-manufacturing of Hakata-ningyo dolls, Kamakura-bori lacquerware, and other crafts. English- and Chinese-language translators will assist visitors from overseas, and PR efforts will be made to help such tourists to learn about traditional Japanese crafts.

2. Outline of the displays

  • Title of the event: Traditional Crafts Exhibition WAZA 2015: Take Home the Heart of Japan
  • Period: From February 19 (Thurs.) to 24 (Wed.), 2015
  • Venue: Tobu Department Store, Ikebukuro
  • Organizer: Association for the Promotion of Traditional Craft Industries (DENSAN)
  • Table of crafts to be exhibited
    Iwate Prefecture Nambu-tekki ironware, Iwayado-tansu furniture, Hidehira-nuri lacquerware, Jo-bo-ji-nuri lacquerware
    Miyagi Prefecture Miyagi-dento-kokeshi wooden dolls, Naruko-shikki lacquerware, Ogatsu-suzuri ink stones
    Akita Prefecture Kawatsura-shikki lacquerware, Kaba-zaiku cherry-bark work, Odate-mage-wappa bentwood work, Akita-sugi-oke-taru woodwork
    Yamagata Prefecture Yamagata-imono cast ware, Oitama-tsumugi textiles, Yamagata-butsudan household Buddhist altars, Tendo-shogi-koma wood pieces, Uetsu-shinafu textiles
    Fukushima Prefecture Obori-soma-yaki ceramics
    Tochigi Prefecture Mashiko-yaki ceramics
    Saitama Prefecture Kasukabe-kiri-tansu furniture, Iwatsuki-ningyo wooden dolls, Chichibu-meisen textiles, Edo-kimekomi-ningyo wooden dolls
    Tokyo Murayama-oshima-tsumugi textiles, Tokyo-some-komon dyed textiles, Honba-kihachijo textiles, Edo-kimekomi-ningyo wooden dolls,Tokyo-ginki silverware, Tokyo-tegaki-yuzen dyed textiles, Tama-ori textiles, Edo-wasao fishing rods,Edo-sashimono woodwork, Edo-karakami decorative paper, Edo-kiriko cut glass, Edo-sekku-ningyo dolls, Edo-mokuhanga woodblock prints
    Kanagawa Prefecture Kamakura-bori lacquerware, Hakone-yosegi-zaiku marquetry, Odawara-shikki lacquerware
    Yamanashi Prefecture Koshu-suisho-kiseki-zaiku stonework, Koshu-inden lacquered deer hide, Koshu-tebori-insho engraved seals
    Shizuoka Prefecture Suruga-takesensuji-zaiku bamboo latticeware
    Toyama Prefecture Takaoka-doki copperware, Inami-chokoku woodcarving, Takaoka-shikki lacquerware, Etchu-washi hand-made paper
    Ishikawa Prefecture Kutani-yaki ceramics, Yamanaka-shikki lacquerware, Kanazawa-haku gold-leaf crafting, Ushikubi-tsumugi textiles
    Aichi Prefecture Owari-shippo cloisonne ware, Toyohashi-fude writing brushes
    Fukui Prefecture Wakasa-nuri lacquerware
    Shiga Prefecture Omi-jofu textiles, Hikone-butsudan household Buddhist altars
    Kyoto Prefecture Kyo-butsudan household Buddhist altars, Kyo-butsugu household Buddhist altar implements, Kyo-shikki lacquerware, Kyo-yuzen dyed textiles, Kyo-komon textiles, Kyo-sashimono woodwork, Kyo-nui embroidery
    Nara Prefecture Nara-fude writing brushes, Takayama-chasen tea whisks
    Wakayama Prefecture Kishu-tansu furniture
    Shimane Prefecture Iwami-yaki ceramics, Izumo-ishidoro stone lanterns
    Hiroshima Prefecture Kumano-fude writing brushes
    Yamaguchi Prefecture Hagi-yaki ceramics, Ouchi-nuri lacquerware, Akama-suzuri ink stones
    Tokushima Prefecture Awa-washi hand-made paper
    Fukuoka Prefecture Hakata-ningyo dolls, Hakata-ori textiles, Kurume-gasuri textiles, Yame-fukushima-butsudan household Buddhist altars, Agano-yaki ceramics, Yame-chochin paper lanterns, Koishiwara-yaki ceramics
    Nagasaki Prefecture Mikawachi-yaki ceramics, Hasami-yaki ceramics
    Kagoshima Prefecture Honba-oshima-tsumug i textiles, Satsuma-yaki ceramics
  • Experts’ craft-manufacturing performance

    Uetsu-shinafu textiles, Chichibu-meisen textiles, Tokyo-tegaki-yuzen dyed textiles, Mikawachi-yaki ceramics, Kamakura-bori lacquerware, Iwayado-tansu furniture, Akita-sugi-oke-taru woodwork, Kyo-sashimono woodwork, Edo-wasao fishing rods, Suruga-takesensuji-zaiku bamboo latticeware, Kyo-butsugu household Buddhist altar implements, Nara-fude writing brushes, Akama-suzuri ink stones, and Hakata-ningyo dolls

Nambu Tekki ironware in Iwate Prefecture

Takaoka-doki copperware in Toyama Prefecture

Odate-mage-wappa bentwood work in Akita Prefecture

Release date

February 2, 2015

Divisions in charge

Traditional Craft Industry Office, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau

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