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Promotion of Global Alliances for Japanese Mid-ranking Companies and SMEs- Developing New Scheme to Promote Investment Alliances with Foreign Companies -

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) will develop a new scheme where relevant organizations support forming investment alliances between Japanese mid-ranking companies and small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and foreign companies in order to promote overseas expansion by utilizing potential technologies owned by Japanese companies above-mentioned.

1. Purpose

The source of the competitiveness of Japan’s Monodzukuri (manufacturing) is the technologies that reside in mid-ranking companies and SMEs. However, in some cases, they are not sufficiently utilized. In order to promote the overseas business expansion of mid-ranking companies and SMEs by exploring such potential technologies of Japanese companies, as well as by utilizing the excellent business resources which foreign companies have, including know-how for practical applications and overseas networks, the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) will serve as a coordinator to convey foreign companies’ requests etc. to relevant organizations including the Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, JAPAN (hereinafter referred to as SME Support, JAPAN), the Central Bank for Commercial and Industrial Co-operatives (hereinafter referred to as Shoko Chukin Bank), and the Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as SBIC) and thereby support investment alliances with foreign companies.

2. Outline of the support scheme

As the first step, in 2015, METI will establish Global Alliance Promotion Offices (tentative name) at SME Support, JAPAN, the Shoko Chukin Bank, and the SBIC respectively and develop a matching system for foreign companies and Japanese mid-ranking companies and SMEs in collaboration with JETRO. For cases where foreign companies’ participation in investment or management will likely lead to the expansion of overseas sales channels and the promotion of open innovation, the utilization of the SME Growth Support Fund (with which SME Support JAPAN participates in investments) will be encouraged. The Fund can be utilized, for example, in the following ways. (*See Appendix for a diagram of the scheme)

  1. Investment in mid-ranking companies and SMEs from the Fund, in which foreign companies such as financial companies and SME Support, JAPAN jointly invest.
  2. Joint investment in mid-ranking companies and SMEs by foreign companies and the Fund.

Establishment of this scheme is expected to contribute to increased overseas expansion of Japanese mid-ranking companies and SMEs as well as the creation of domestic employment and the revitalization of regional economies through an increase in foreign direct investment in Japan.


Promotion Scheme for Global Alliances for Mid-ranking Companies and SMEs(PDF:821KB) PDF File

Release date

September 29, 2015

Division in charge

Trade and Investment Facilitation Division,
Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau

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