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“sakefan World” will start to be made available.~ A smart phone application for transmitting information on Japanese Sake in multiple languages ~

“sakefan World” which is a smartphone application for transmitting PR information contributing to the improvement of added value of Japanese sake in multiple languages will be made available from October 22, 2015 at the App Store. In addition, an opportunity to experience the application and tasting sessions of Japanese sake will be offered at “Oishii Japan 2015” to be held in Singapore. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, in cooperation with relevant ministries and agencies, will promote the export of Japanese sake through demonstrations at events related to Japanese sake and push forward regional revitalization centered on breweries.

1. Project Overview

“sakefan World” is a multilingual smartphone application and a website which transmits a wide variety of information including appropriate drinking manners, foods to go with and stories of sake making and ideas and philosophy of producers shown on videos and photos, as well as information of breweries and surrounding areas in addition to basic information such as the alcohol content, the type of rice used, the rice polishing ratio etc. This information is made available by reading the labels of Japanese sake.
This application makes use of the list of standard English terms (*) created by the National Research Institute of Brewing in order to allow foreigners to more easily understand information about Japanese sake.

(*) List of standard English terms
List of standard English version of specialized terms required when explaining Japanese sake in English

2. The website of “sakefan World”

3. Schedules in the future

October 22, 2015:
The application will be made available at the “sakefan World” App Store/the website will be opened.
October 22 to 24, 2015:
Visitors will be able to taste Japanese sake at Oishii Japan 2015 (Singapore) and experience the application.

Release date

October 7, 2015

Division in charge

  • Creative Industries Division, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau
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