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November is Traditional Craft Products Month- Announcement of the events relating to the FY 2015 Traditional Craft Products Month campaign-

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has designated the year 2015, just five years before the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, as “the First Year for Promoting Craftsmen’s Techniques to the World” and will showcase traditional crafts in Japan and globally in a more proactive manner.
In particular, every November, METI has been conducting awareness-raising projects across Japan since it designated November as Traditional Craft Products Month in 1984. For 2015, METI decided to expand the campaign area compared to the previous year and to showcase traditional crafts through a variety of events across Japan, including in Toyama, Tokyo, and Aichi Prefectures.

1. Traditional Craft Products Month National Assembly

The Traditional Craft Products Month National Assembly, one of the main events of the campaign, was launched in 1984. With the opportunity provided by this event, a variety of other side events will be held by METI, the Association for the Promotion of Traditional Craft Industries (hereinafter referred to as the “Densan Association”), the Japan Traditional Craftsmen’s Association, and municipalities, including exhibitions, sales, craft demonstrations, and experience-based craft-making, gathering traditional crafts from across Japan. On the first day of the assembly, a commemoration ceremony will be held to recognize the winners of the METI Minister’s Award to Recognize Contributions to Traditional Craft Industries.

1-1 Outline of the FY 2015 National Assembly

Taking advantage of the substantial improvement in accessibility from the Tokyo Metropolitan area due to the opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen in the spring of 2015, the FY 2015 National Assembly will be held in Toyama so that many tourists will have opportunities to see and experience traditional craft products. Under the slogan “For the revival of ‘Made in Japan,’ start efforts from Toyama,” exhibitions of new types of traditional crafts will be introduced for the first time at the FY 2015 National Assembly, such as through using DENSAN International’s booths, as an effort to contribute to showcasing traditional crafts globally.
Official website: External Site Link (in Japanese)

National Convention Commemoration at the 32nd Traditional Craft Products Month National Assembly

  1. Date and time: 13:30 -14:30, November 5 (Thu.), 2015
  2. Venue: Takaoka Municipal Festival Hall, Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture METI will honor the winners of the METI Minister’s Awards, who are contributors to traditional craft industries, and will deliver the declaration of the assembly.
  3. Expected participants: METI senior officials (in planning stage), Mr. Takakazu Ishii, governor of Toyama Prefecture, Mr. Jurou Ando, president of the Association for the Promotion of Traditional Craft Industries, etc.

Major relevant events other than the National Convention Commemoration (from November 5 (Thu.) through November 8 (Sun.), 2015)

  • 34th Traditional Craftsmen’s National Assembly
  • Experience-based events for creating lacquerware, dying fabrics, and making porcelain at Dento Kogei Fureai Hiroba
  • All-Japan Daily Commodity Crafts Exhibition: exhibition and sales of traditional craft products
  • 18th Exhibition of the Japan Traditional Craftsmen’s Association
  • Toyama Traditional Craft Festa: exhibition and sales of traditional crafts of Toyama Prefecture, experience-based craft-making
  • Exhibition of Outstanding Crafts from Toyama: exhibitions of some outstanding works from among the traditional crafts of Toyama Prefecture
  • Optional tours to visit traditional craft production areas: tours to visit traditional craft production areas in Toyama Prefecture, namely the Takaoka, Shokawa, Inami, Gokayama, and Yao areas and other events

The FY 2014 National Assembly

1-2 FY 2016 Traditional Craft Products Month National Assembly

The FY 2016 Traditional Craft Products Month National Assembly will be held in Fukui Prefecture.


JAPAN TRADITIONAL CRAFTS WEEK is a project that encourages retailers to visit production areas and the development of new products, for the purpose of creating a network of craftspeople in production areas and retailers across Japan, as these relationships have tended to be shallow, as well as raising the awareness of traditional crafts among younger people, who are less interested in such crafts these days. In 2014, JAPAN TRADITIONAL CRAFTS WEEK was mainly held in the central part of Tokyo Prefecture. In 2015, however, retailers in other areas, such as Nagoya City and Aichi Prefecture, will also participate, and JAPAN TRADITIONAL CRAFTS WEEK 2015 will be held during the same time period as TOKYO DESIGN WEEK 2015, where young people will gather from all over Japan and the world.
Official website: External Site Link (in Japanese)

  1. Date: October 24 (Sat.) through November 3 (Tue.), 2015
    Note: Receptions will be held for the media as follows: Tokyo area: October 23 (Fri.), 2015 at Tokyo Midtown; Nagoya area: October 28 (Wed.) at International Design Center NAGOYA
  2. Venue: Tokyo area: 22 interior shops in Aoyama, Roppongi, Ginza, Marunouchi, and other areas in Tokyo
    Nagoya area: Ten shops including International Design Center NAGOYA
  3. Details of the project: exhibitions (including original products), product demonstrations, participation-based workshops, “stamp rallies” (contests to gather stamps from various locations), and other events related to the crafts in the shops mentioned above.


3. Exhibition of traditional crafts on the first floor of METI’s main building

From October 14 (Wed.) through November 10 (Tue.), 2015, METI will hold an exhibition of about 100 kinds of traditional crafts from across Japan under the theme “Traditional and NEW DENSAN,” aiming to raise public awareness of these crafts and the events related to the Traditional Craft Products Month campaign, and to introduce the Japan Traditional Crafts Week project to the public. It will demonstrate how craftsmen transform their traditional crafts, which have been leveraged with craftsmen’s techniques, in collaboration with designers and creators to suit modern lifestyles.

Exhibition of traditional crafts in 2014

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October 13, 2015

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