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Japan Patent OfficeFY 2015 Patent Contest and Design Patent Contest Award Recipients–Technologies invented by high school students which received patent and design rights were utilized, resulting in successful commercialization!–

The Japan Patent Office (JPO), jointly with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), the Japan Patent Attorneys Association (JPAA), and the National Center for Industrial Property Information and Training (INPIT), has organized the Patent Contest and the Design Patent Contest.
Through such Contests, these organizers honor outstanding inventions and designs created by students in high schools, technical colleges, and universities throughout Japan while supporting the filing of such winning invention and design applications with the JPO. At this contest, 61 recipients were selected in the categories of invention and design.
Also, the organizers select outstanding inventions or designs for which patent rights have been granted through support for the filing of applications and that have been successfully commercialized for the JPO Commissioner’s Awards. This year, two recipients were selected in the categories of invention and design.

1. Outline of the Contests


The JPO, jointly with MEXT, the JPAA, and INPIT, selects and honors outstanding inventions and designs created by students in high schools, technical colleges, and universities throughout Japan, for the purpose of increasing the awareness of intellectual property and the understanding of associated systems among students.


The students who have created successful inventions and designs are granted the following privileges by the organizers during the process from filing an application to being granted patent rights;

  1. Free advice from patent attorneys
  2. Subsidies covering patent/design application fees, examination request fees, and annual patent fees (for the first three years) or design registration fees (for the first year)

2. Results of the Contests

A total of 417 inventions were entered in the FY 2015 Patent Contest, of which 31 received awards. 269 designs entered the FY 2015 Design Patent Contest, of which 30 received awards. See Appendix 1 (in Japanese) for information on the recipients of the awards (applicants who will receive the abovementioned support) in FY 2015.

3. FY 2015 JPO Commissioner’s Awards

In FY 2012, the JPO created the JPO Commissioner’s Awards. The Awards are granted to outstanding inventions or designs from among the previous Award recipients which have been successfully commercialized after utilizing the patent rights and design rights registered through support received thanks to this contest.
The JPO granted the Awards to the following invention and design in FY 2015. See Appendix 2 (in Japanese) for information on efforts for commercialization.

Patent Contest

Patent number: 4209927 (invention for which support was granted in the FY 2007 Patent Contest)
Title of invention: Method for producing tempeh-containing cheese (Product name: Tempeh Cheese)
Inventors: Marina Kiyohiro and Takuya Nakada
Name of inventors’ school: Okayama Prefectural Takamatsu Agricultural High School (as of the date when the inventors received support in filing the patent application)

Design Patent Contest

Design registration number: 1410551 (invention for which support was granted in the FY 2009 Design Patent Contest)
Articles to which the design is applied: Hanging decoration for straps (Product name: SoramaMEN Strap)
Creator: Rika Tanikado
School name: Ibusuki Commercial High School, Ibusuki City, Kagoshima Prefecture

Tempeh Cheese

SoramaMEN Straps

4. Award ceremony outline

Date: from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., January 25 (Mon.), 2016
Venue: Iino Hall & Conference Center
Official website: Site Link (in Japanese)

Release date

December 22, 2015

Division in charge

Policy Planning and Research Division, General Affairs Department, JPO

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