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METI Will Start Final Voting to Decide the Annual Awards for Regional Specialties

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) will start final voting to select regional specialties which will receive annual awards from among nominated specialties which were well regarded on NIPPON QUEST TM, a website to showcase and disseminate unknown Japanese “regional specialties” to the world from local communities.
METI will hold an event to commend the award winning specialties in Tokyo on March 4 and 5, 2016.

1. Outline of the project

The NIPPON QUEST TM website ( Site Link) is a regional specialties website where Japanese people who are passionate about certain regions and foreigners who love Japan contribute and evaluate information about regional specialties, and it is managed as a part of the Program for the Development of Environments for Disseminating Regional Specialties, run by METI. It is an initiative to collate information about regional specialties from all parts of Japan and to disseminate it widely overseas for the purpose of developing markets abroad and attracting foreign customers.

2. Voting

NIPPON QUEST TM has selected regional specialties which were highly evaluated by users in Japan and overseas as nominated specialties in three categories, “goods,” “foods,” and “activities,” every month. Final voting will decide the annual awards by the total votes through the process of voting as described below for these specialties. The voting period is from Thursday, January 14 to Friday, February 5, 2016. Anyone, not only members of the NIPPON QUEST TM website, can participate in the voting.

  1. Voting through the NIPPON QUEST TM website ( Site Link)
  2. Voting at ballot boxes found in places that are cooperating as part of the project *Refer to the attachment for details.

3. Outline of the event for specialties winning awards

  • Date:

    [First day] 12:30-21:00, Friday, March 4, 2016 (planned)
    An award ceremony, an exhibition, and a business meeting event (for buyers, media, and the public)

    [Second day] 10:00-21:00, Saturday, March 5, 2016
    Exhibition (for the public)

  • Venue:

    Event space on the third floor of Marugoto Nippon

  • Outline:

    An award ceremony, an exhibition, a tasting event, matching with overseas buyers, etc.

  • Details of the annual awards
    1. NIPPON QUEST AWARD [three categories of “goods,” “foods,” and “activities” (tourist experiences)]
    2. Special awards
      • (1) Buyer Award*1
      • (2) Rakuten Ichiba “Machi-Raku” Award*2
      • (3) Location Japan’s editorial department‘s “LJ Marche” Award*3
      • (4) Local government awards

*1 Specialties which are top vote-getters and those which people such as buyers selected considering the contributions on the NIPPON QUEST TM website are to be sold at Isetan Singapore in March 2016.
*2 Specialties which win the Machi-Raku Award and those which Rakuten, Inc. selects are to be introduced on a special website within the Rakuten Ichiba website ( Site Link).
*3 Products which win the LJ Marche Award will be introduced in the 75th issue of Location Japan (to be released May 15, 2016).

Inquiries from the public:
NIPPON QUEST management office
E-mail: mail_link

Release date

January 14, 2016

Division in charge

Creative Industries Division, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau

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