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Traditional Japanese Crafts Will Be Showcased to Gain Publicity at the World’s Largest International Trade Fair for Consumer Goods–To Be Exhibited at Ambiente 2016 in Germany–

From February 12 (Fri.) to 16 (Tue.), 2016, Ambiente 2016, the world’s largest international trade fair for consumer goods, is to be held in Frankfurt, Germany. Through this opportunity, traditional Japanese crafts from across Japan will be exhibited. Through this event, Japan will convey to the world the attractiveness of such crafts having more than 100 years of history, which are created through superb techniques, imbued with beauty, and derived from Japan’s unique culture.

1. Purpose of the event

Ambiente is the world’s largest business-to-business trade fair for consumer goods and is held every February. Recently, traditional Japanese crafts have been incorporating new globally sought-out factors, such as design aesthetics and quality, which are free from the constraints of convention and provide beauty to our modern lives. At this event, Japan aims to attract a broad range of international visitors to Japan’s brand “DENSAN,” which represents traditional Japanese crafts that incorporate such new trends, and also aims to encourage the world to integrate the brand’s identity into a wide variety of cultures.

With support from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), the Association for the Promotion of Traditional Craft Industries will exhibit such Japanese products at the event, introducing crafts manufactured by 14 business operators from across Japan to attendees, focusing on the theme “DENSAN for Everyday Life – In the Scenery of Modern Japanese Cuisine: ULTIMATE HANDMADE.” The Association will showcase the attractiveness of traditional Japanese crafts, which add beauty to Japan’s scenery and Japan’s food culture, an intangible cultural heritage listed by UNESCO, and will encourage Japanese exhibitor companies to cultivate global markets and develop new business.

Table center cloths (Nishijin Ori textiles) manufactured by WATABUN Co., Ltd.

Water carafes (Bizen Yaki ceramics) manufactured by Shuzo Ogawa

Accessory series (Yamanaka Shikki lacquerware) manufactured by Urushi Art Hariya

Copper tiles (Takaoka Doki copperware) manufactured by momentum factory Orii LLC

Watercolor brushes (Nara Fude writing brushes) manufactured by AKASHIYA Co., Ltd.

Cut glass (Edo Kiriko cut glass) manufactured by KIMOTO GLASS TOKYO Co., Ltd.

2. Outline of the event

  • Title of the fair: Ambiente 2016
  • Date: February 12 (Fri.) to 16 (Tue.), 2016
  • Venue: International trade fair grounds (Messe Frankfurt), Germany
  • Expected Japanese enterprises and associations and crafts to be exhibited:
DENSAN for Everyday Life - ULTIMATE HANDMADE - Bridging JAPANESE HANDICRAFT to the world (Galleria 0, Booth Nos. A04, A05) At these booths, 14 business operators will exhibit their products for daily use created using traditional techniques. They will have business discussions with buyers from around the world.
Textile WATABUN Co., Ltd. (Nishijin Ori textiles)
Pottery and porcelain Shuzo Ogawa (Bizen Yaki ceramics), Hirado Kosho Danemon Kiln, Co., Ltd. (Mikawachi Yaki ceramics)
Lacquerware Ten Craft LLC (Aizu Nuri lacquerware), B-Prize Corporation (Aizu Nuri lacquerware), Urushi Art Hariya (Yamanaka Shikki lacquerware)
Woodwork Yamaichi-rokuro LLC (Nagiso Rokuro Zaiku woodwork)
Metalwork Chushin Kobo (Yamagata Imono casting), momentum factory Orii LLC (Takaoka Doki copperware)
Japanese paper Ikazaki Shachu Inc. (Ozu Washi handmade paper)
Other crafts AKASHIYA Co., Ltd. (Nara Fude writing brushes), Hiroshima Artist Brush Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Kumano Fude writing brushes), KIMOTO GLASS TOKYO Co., Ltd. (Edo Kiriko cut glass), TOYO-SASAKI GLASS Co., Ltd. (Edo Glass)

Release date

February 1, 2016

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Traditional Craft Industry Office, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau

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