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METI Releases the Study Group Report “For Realizing a Vigorous ‘Vintage Society’”

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) established the Study Group concerning Efforts to Be Made for Realizing a Vigorous “Vintage Society” in October 2015. METI repeatedly held discussions at the Study Group and has now released the Study Group Report. The Study Group Report specifies that the society that we should aim to create in the future should be a “Vintage Society” (a society in which the elderly have greater chances to contribute to society, while interacting with multiple generations), as well as presenting recommendations on efforts to be made for realizing such a society.

1. Outline of the Study Group Report

In the Study Group Report, the concept of a “Vintage Society” whose pillars are diversity, independence and interaction is explained as the ideal state for a rapidly aging society, and examples of the realization of this concept which have begun to appear are highlighted. Also, the Study Group Report presents three areas where innovation is necessary in order to establish and expand the concept: ((i) social conventions and consciousness, (ii) ways of working, and (iii) the creation and promotion of industry).
Based on the definitions and descriptions, the Study Group Report provides recommendations on efforts to be made in the future in order to promote this innovation (including the careful assessment of elderly people’s skills and abilities, the utilization of such skills and abilities in various fields, and re-designing social systems based on the assumption that the average lifespan will be 90-100 years).

2. Members of the Study Group (in Japanese syllabic order, without honorifics)

Hiroko Akiyama, Project Professor, Institute of Gerontology, University of Tokyo *Chairperson
Manabu Akaike, Director, Universal Design Intelligence, Inc.
Yasuyoshi Ouchi, President, Toranomon Hospital, National Public Service Mutual Aid Association Federation
Ritsuko Kubo, Representative, NPO Senior SOHO Spread Salon & Mitaka
Minoru Noda, Professor, Graduate School of Global Business, Meiji University / Board member, Institute of Social Human Capital
Michitaka Hirose, Professor, Graduate School, University of Tokyo
Hima Furuta, CEO, Umari Inc.
Hiroyuki Murata, President, Murata Associates, Inc. / Specially Appointed Professor, Tohoku University

Release date

March 30, 2016

Divisions in charge

  • Service Affairs Policy Division and Medical and Assistive Device Industries Office, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau
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