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Results of Damage Caused by the Earthquakes that Occurred in Kumamoto Prefecture and METI’s Response (as of 6:00 am, Wednesday, April 20)

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) hereby announces the results of damage caused by the earthquakes and METI’s response in the areas where METI is in charge.

Convenience stores and supermarkets

Convenience stores: 571 operating out of 593 major stores in Kumamoto Prefecture
Yesterday (April 19), these stores supplied about 10% more meals to people in Kumamoto Prefecture than the 700,000 two days ago (April 18). Today (April 20), they plan to supply an even greater quantity of meals.

Super markets: 45 operating out of 57 major stores in Kumamoto Prefecture
About 75% of total stores are now open. Following on from recent days, some of them continue to conduct sales from parking lots.


Outage: About 4,300 households in Kumamoto Prefecture
Electricity supply has been recovered in certain areas, excluding Aso City and Minamiaso Village. Electricity service is expected be fully restored by the end of today (April 20) as a target.

City gas

Outage: About 105,000 households contracting with Seibugasu Co., Ltd., around Kumamoto City

Safety checks for major gas pipes (medium-pressure pipelines) were completed on April 18. Gas supply has been restored at 39 facilities, including city halls, gymnasiums and medical facilities, to which gas is directly supplied from major gas pipes. In addition, Kumamoto Chuo Hospital is supplying gas using mobile gas-generating facilities as a temporary measure.

The number of households subject to gas outages is expected to fall to 98,300 by the end of today (April 20).

Gas stations (service stations or SS)

726 operating out of 797 stations in Kumamoto Prefecture
As for core service stations (core SS) of gas stations, which preferentially supply petroleum to emergency vehicles, all of the 34 designated stations are operating in Kumamoto Prefecture.

Supply shortages of petroleum at gas stations in Kumamoto Prefecture have been almost completely resolved. Gas stations are also operating in Mashiki Town (5 stations), Minamiaso Village (6) and Takamori Town (5).

Release date

April 20, 2016

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Public Relations Office, Minister's Secretariat

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