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Results of Damage Caused by the Earthquakes that Occurred in Kumamoto Prefecture and METI’s Response (as of 6:00 am, Tuesday, April 26)

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) hereby announces the results of damage caused by the earthquakes and METI’s response in the areas where METI is in charge.

Announcement to SMEs, small enterprises and individual business operators

Because the earthquakes are designated as “Heavy Disasters,” business operators that suffered damage caused from the earthquakes will have access to loans more easily.

  1. Although the Japan Federation of Credit Guarantee Corporations (JFG) usually guarantees 80% of the loan amount, it will guarantee 100% of the loan amount in response to the designation. The upper limit for the loan is 280 million yen (in case of an unsecured loan, the upper limit is 80 million yen).
  2. Japan Finance Corporation (JFC) and Shoko Chukin Bank will decrease the interest rate by 0.9% for loans to SMEs, small enterprises, and individual business operators (less than 10 million yen and within 3 years).
    Business counseling counters have been opened and counselors are providing telephone and face-to-face interviews free of charge with no limitation on the number of times. They have already received 1,300 or more cases. They are also flexible in addressing business operators’ requests to change loan repayment terms and other issues. Please feel free to ask about financing, resuming business, employees and any other problems.
  • Counseling counter of Kumamoto Yorozu Support Center: Telephone: 096-286-3355 (9:00–17:00)
  • List of counseling counters at Japan Finance Corporation (JFC), Shoko Chukin Bank, Japan Federation of Credit Guarantee Corporations (JFG), chambers of commerce and industry, and business associations in Kumamoto and Oita Prefectures:
    http// External Site Link

City gas

Outage: About 56,000 households around Kumamoto City
Gas supply was recovered to 40% of the total outage, a faster pace than the initial expectation. Recovery is planned to be completed to 60% by the end of April, before total recovery by May 8.

While coordinating with municipalities and other entities including Kumamoto City, Mashiki Town, Mifune Town and Minamiaso Village, Saibugasu Co., Ltd. is sequentially providing 20,000 portable gas stoves to customers.

Convenience stores and supermarkets

99% of all the convenience stores and 86% of all the supermarkets operating in Kumamoto Prefecture


The outage was resolved completely.

Release date

April 26, 2016

Division in Charge

Public Relations Office, Minister's Secretariat

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