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Japan Patent Office Announcing Registration of the 600th Regional Collective Trademark “比婆牛(Hiba Beef)” "Regional Collective Trademark System" for Protecting Regional Revitalization

Ten years have passed since the Japan Patent Office (JPO) introduced the "Regional Collective Trademark system" for protecting and promoting regional brands in April 2006. Through this system, trademarks representing various kinds of regional brands in Japan have been registered, including agricultural products, craftworks, spas, and local cuisines. The JPO finally registered the 600th Regional Collective Trademark “比婆牛(Hiba Beef)” on June 17, 2016. “比婆牛(Hiba Beef)” is the first registered beef in Hiroshima Prefecture.

1. Details of the 600th regional collective trademark

Trademark: “比婆牛(Hiba Beef)”
Registration Number: 5859218
Right Holder: Shobara Agricultural Cooperatives
Designated Goods: Wagyu beef of cattle originating in Shobara City in Hiroshima Prefecture and raised within Hiroshima Prefecture
Characteristics: Fresh red meat with fine fat, characterized by rich taste with deep flavor and elegant fragrance
Local traditional brand beef from a line of Iwakura-tsuru, one of the four major roots of Wagyu beef

2. Regional Collective Trademark

The regional collective trademark system was introduced in April 2006 for protecting regional brands sufficiently so as to enhance Japan's competitiveness by maintaining reliance on Japanese products and to support activating regional economies in Japan.

Through this system, local organizations, such as business or agricultural cooperatives, commerce and industry associations, chambers of commerce and industry, and NPOs, are able to file applications for registering a trademark comprising “a geographical name and goods or service name” as a regional collective trademark if they use the trademark for goods or services closely connected to a region and the trademark is well known within certain geographical ranges regardless of the popularity of the trademark throughout Japan.

The advantages of the system are (i) the strengthening of bonds among members and the entirety of local communities and enhancement of awareness, (ii) reduction of damage caused by counterfeits, and (iii) dissemination and image improvement of the relevant goods or services.

The JPO has finally registered the 600th Regional Collective Trademark, “比婆牛(Hiba Beef)” of Hiroshima, since it registered the first Regional Collective Trademark, "Takko Ninniku (Takko Garlic)" of Aomori Prefecture. “比婆牛(Hiba Beef)” is the first registered beef in Hiroshima Prefecture.

The JPO will conduct further actions and others for promulgating the system in order to contribute to the promotion of regional economies through regional collective trademarks.

Release date

June , 2016

Division in Charge

Trademark Division, Trademark and Customer Relations Department, Japan Patent Office

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