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Applications for Approval for Wheeling Service Provisions Filed by Electric Power Companies Approved

In response to the applications for approval for wheeling service provisions that ten electric power companies filed at the end of October 2016, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), on March 1, 2017, has approved the applications pursuant to the provisions of Article 3, paragraph (1) of the Supplementary Provisions of the Act for Partial Revision of the Electricity Business Act (Act No. 47 of 2015).


At the end of October 2016, general electricity transmission/distribution businesses (the ten electric power companies) filed applications for approval for wheeling service provisions* with METI.

Following this, in light of the examinations of the applications by the Electricity and Gas Market Surveillance Commission (EGC) and the promulgation of the Ministerial Ordinance for the Partial Revision of the Rules for Rate Calculation Concerning the Wheeling Service Provisions for General Electricity Transmission/Distribution Businesses, METI, on February 17, 2017, instructed the ten companies to submit amendments to the applications.**

On February 28, 2017, METI received the amendments to the applications according to the instructions from the ten companies and confirmed anew the revised contents based on the results of interviews with the EGC, finding that the revisions were appropriately completed as instructed. Accordingly, METI decided to approve these applications.


Release date

March 1, 2017

Division in Charge

Electricity Market Office, Policy Planning Division, Electricity and Gas Industry Department, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy

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