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METI Compiles a 2017 Collection of Case Examples for the Utilization of the Regional Economy and Society Analyzing System (RESAS)

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Secretariat of the Headquarters for Overcoming Population Decline and Vitalizing Local Economy in Japan under the Cabinet Secretariat have been collaboratively providing a system called “Regional Economy and Society Analyzing System (RESAS)” to support municipalities and other entities engaged in efforts for regional revitalization to access information.

METI and the Regional Bureaus of Economy, Trade and Industry across Japan jointly conducted a survey on the case examples of municipalities, supporting organizations and other entities regarding their utilization of the RESAS system, and compiled a collection of case examples.

Since April 2015, METI and the secretariat have collaboratively been running RESAS, which is a system where big data is collected and from the public and private sectors on industrial structures, demographic movement and flows of people and the collected data is represented graphically.

Two years have passed since the inauguration of the system. During this period, the utilization of the system has been popularized in 1,728 out of 1,788 municipalities across Japan, i.e., 1,718 local governments in 47 prefectures and 23 wards in Tokyo. These municipalities have been making use of the system in discussing policy planning or demonstrating effectiveness of various measures. In addition, the system is being utilized in a wide variety of fields, e.g., financial institutions, commerce and industry associations, chambers of commerce and industry, and educational institutes.

METI hereby announces that it conducted a survey on the efforts of such municipalities, supporting organizations and educational institutes, used the system to analyze the current regional status, and compiled 31 case examples of municipalities and entities that have successfully discussed and planned policies and measures based on the information gained from the system.

METI expects this collection to broadly raise awareness among municipalities and the public on: the backgrounds of approaches taken by successful municipalities in deciding on the utilization of the system; and the specific processes for utilizing the system, as model cases for new data-based approaches to public administration and education.

Release date

June 2, 2017

Division in Charge

Regional Economic and Industrial Research Office, Regional Economic and Industrial Policy Group

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