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Launch Data of the Small Rocket Called "SS-520 No.5" to Change

Concerning the small rocket called "SS-520 No.5," successfully developed by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency(JAXA)based on the commission by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry(METI), Japan decided to change the initially scheduled date of launching the rocket to December 28(Thur.), 2017, from a JAXA Uchinoura Space Center launch site.

1. Purpose

Expecting an increase in demand for ultra-small satellites, METI has been engaging in a Research and Development Project for Improvement of Technical Information Infrastructures for the Space Industry(On-orbit Demonstration of Space Equipment Making Use of Commercial Products). This project aims to develop small rockets, microsatellites and other space vehicles with price competitiveness in which Japan’s commercial parts and technologies are utilized.

As part of the project, JAXA initially scheduled the launching of the rocket on December 25(Mon.), 2017. However, it decided to change the schedule to December 28(Thurs.), 2017, to coordinate with the operation schedule of the Third Epsilon Launch Vehicle, from which a satellite will be launched from a JAXA Uchinoura Space Center launch site.

The SS-520 No.5 will be launched with a built-in microsatellite called “TRICOM-1R,” an achievement developed by the University of Tokyo as another effort under the project.

2. Schedule of the launching(tentative)

Date and time:
December 28(Thurs.), 2017; from 12:30 to 14:15(Japan standard time)
Note: Reserved launch period: From December 29(Fri.) to February 12(Mon.), 2018
JAXA Uchinoura Space Center(1791-13, Minamikata, Kimotsukicho, Kimotsukigun, Kagoshima Prefecture)

Outline of the major specifications of the SS-520 No.5

9.54 m
0.52m(representative section)
Total weight:
2.6 tons
Solid propellant
Stage structure:
Three-stage type
Launching ability:
Over 4kg to low earth orbit
Launching site:
JAXA Uchinoura Space Center
Launching style:
Rail launcher-sliding style(suspending style)
The photo shows the SS5-520 No.4 rocket.

Outline of the major specifications of TRICOM-1R

General name:
Micro satellite
116m x 116m x 346mm(excluding the antenna section)
About 3kg
Elliptic orbit of 180km perigee x 1,500km apogee
Angle of inclination:
31 degrees
This satellite aims to complete[ⅰ]a mission to collect data sent from the terminal on earth while in orbit and transfer data to the station according to the command at the time when it is situated above the control station,[ⅱ]a mission to shoot photos of the earth using a built-in camera, and[ⅲ]a prompt observation mission in which the satellite autonomously shoots photos of the earth immediately after being launched and settling into orbit and sends observatory data to earth during the first communication with the station back on earth.


Release date

December 8, 2017

Division in Charge

Space Industry Office, Manufacturing Industries Bureau

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry1-3-1 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8901, Japan Tel: +81-(0)3-3501-1511
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