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Agency for Natural Resources and Energy New Company for Full-fledged Development of Hydrogen Stations to be Established in the Spring of 2018 Eleven companies agreed on the establishment and concluded a contract

Aiming to promote development of environments for the accelerated dissemination of fuel-cell vehicles(FCV), 11 companies, including hydrogen station operating businesses, automobile manufacturers, and financial institutes, agreed on the joint establishment of a new company for full-fledged development of hydrogen stations and concluded a contract therefor. This agreement will contribute to specifying a framework to accelerate the development of hydrogen stations, and the new company is expected to lead the facilitation of developing such stations and ensure steadier management of business. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry(METI), as well as this company, will accelerate initiatives for strategic development of hydrogen stations.

1. Background

METI has been advancing efforts for the realization of hydrogen-based society. As efforts for accelerating the dissemination of FCVs, Japan aims to establish approximately 160 hydrogen stations for commercial purposes by FY2020 and approximately 320 such stations in total by FY2025, according to the goals set in the Future Strategy 2017(approved by the Cabinet on June 9, 2017)and the Strategic Roadmap for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells(revised on March 22, 2016).

Meanwhile, the earliest phase of dissemination of FCVs requires strategic installation of hydrogen stations to effectively and efficiently create the demand for FCVs. To this end, the roadmap requires the public and private sectors to study a new framework to achieve such installations.

Moreover, at the First Meeting of Ministerial Council on Renewable Energy, Hydrogen and Related Issues in April 2017, Prime Minister Abe requested relevant ministers to formulate the Basic Strategy within this year and also to create a framework to accelerate the establishment of hydrogen stations, as a major pillar of the strategy.

2. Outline of the establishment of a new company for development of hydrogen stations

METI hereby announces that 11 companies, including infrastructure businesses developing and operating hydrogen stations, automobile manufacturers and financial institutes, concluded a contract to establish a new company in the spring of 2018 for full-fledged development of such stations.

Major efforts that the new company will engage in are as follows.

  1. Strategic development of hydrogen stations
    • The company will develop 80 units of hydrogen stations in the first four-year phase of the intended ten-year business-operation period. It will broadly call for new entries to the business so as to ensure the achievement of the target number of units to be installed.
    • It will formulate a plan for developing hydrogen stations and develop environments across Japan in which people are able to access FCVs.
  2. Contribution to effective operation of hydrogen stations
    • It will improve the user friendliness of FCVs.
    • It will strive to reduce costs taken for hydrogen stations and will engage in efforts for revising regulations involving such stations.

Major roles that participating companies should play in advancing these efforts are as follows.

  1. Infrastructure businesses
    • These businesses will invest in efforts for developing hydrogen stations and construct such stations.
    • They will be entrusted with a commission involving business for operating hydrogen stations.
  2. Automobile manufacturers
    • These manufacturers will encourage related activities, including enhancement of the user friendliness of hydrogen stations through commissioning business to the new company.
    • They will accelerate dissemination of FCVs.
  3. Financial institutes
    • These organizations will fund expenditures for developing hydrogen stations.

3. Future actions

The new company is expected to play a core role in accelerating the future development of hydrogen stations under the framework of All-Japan initiatives. METI, as well as the company, will strive to encourage necessary efforts to accelerate the dissemination of FCVs and develop such stations so as to accomplish a world-leading hydrogen-based society.

Release date

December 12, 2017

Division in Charge

Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Strategy Office, Advanced Energy Systems and Structure Division, Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy Department, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy

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