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Silicon Valley D-Lab Project x METI Seminar Held The first public release of the latest D-Lab Project Report

As the third Silicon Valley boom is arriving, many Japanese-affiliated companies mainly in the manufacturing industry have been pursuing business development in Silicon Valley. To address this situation, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) held a seminar titled "Silicon Valley D-Lab Project x METI Seminar" to provide clues to success in the development of new business, bringing together approximately 500 registrants. METI will release a video of the event on the YouTube METI channel at a later date.

1. Summary of the results

(1)Speeches by the members of the Silicon Valley D-Lab Project

Based on the latest D-Lab Project Report, the speakers made presentations regarding a series of interviews that took place with leading players and experts in Silicon Valley concerning: the nature of digitalization, trends in Japanese companies developing new business in Silicon Valley and measures therefor, and successful case examples.

For the latest D-Lab Project Report, click here.(to download in Japanese)

(2)Speech by an expert from the Silicon Valley D-Lab Project

Mr. Takeshi Komatsubara, Principal, Global Innovation Office, SAP Labs Palo Alto, made a speech titled "Very Important Issues that a German Company Learned in Silicon Valley - Approaches to Organizational Reform Making Use of Design Thinking." Mr. Komatsubara focused on the approaches taken by SAP Labs--the largest software company in Germany, a country, like Japan, considering the manufacturing industry as its main source of development---to take advantage of Silicon Valley. He also explained key points and case examples of SAP Labs’ efforts to address digitalization and organizational reform by making use of design thinking.

<Reference> Silicon Valley D-Lab Project

The Silicon Valley D-Lab Project is a volunteer project founded by a group of four Japanese nationals who live in Silicon Valley for the purpose of communicating advances in the manufacturing industry there to Japan. The project aims to communicate important information gained from interviews with leaders and experts in a variety of industries in Silicon Valley to interested parties in Japan, in cooperation with Stanford University, the Ambassador of the United States to Japan, and others, thereby providing Japanese industries with opportunities for revitalization.

2. Contact counter

If you have any opinions or inquiries about the seminar or wish to access any information on development of new business, send an email to: connected-industries-jp@meti.go.jpmail icon, a contact counter exclusively for these purposes.

Release date

January 31, 2018

Division in Charge

Policy Planning and Coordination Division, Manufacturing Industries Bureau

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