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The Round Table Conference of Fashion Industries Policies Compiles Policy Recommendations To establish a Consortium for Supporting Young Designers in a public-private collaboration

In June 2017, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) established a Round Table Conference of Fashion Industries Policies. Since then, the conference has been holding discussions concerning ideal approaches to supporting the development of new fashion designer brands and finally compiled the discussion results into policy recommendations.

In response to the recommendations, METI decided to establish the Consortium for Supporting Young Designers and supports the consortium by expanding business opportunities for young fashion designers.

Summary of this effort

Since the inauguration in June 2017, the conference of 20 experts in the fashion industry held four meetings. At the meetings, participants confirmed the current challenges that the Japanese fashion industry is facing, and based on this, they ascertained the business environment required to encourage young fashion designers to play a leading role overseas as well as challenges therein, and held discussions concerning support measures needed to achieve this goal.

As part of this effort, METI decided to establish the Consortium for Supporting Young Designers as a framework in which the public and private sectors will integrally implement support measures for young fashion designers from a variety of perspectives, e.g., management, monodzukuri and sales-channels/business models, about which the conference discussed and examined.

Through efforts for supporting such designers, METI will manage and advance the consortium so as to revitalize the whole fashion industry in Japan. The liaison office of the consortium will open in METI.

Conceptual diagram of the consortium

The consortium will consist of governmental organizations, financial institutes, industrial associations, companies and other entities. In 2018, it will start the provision of comprehensive support measures to young designers who intend to develop new business.
Such young designers are eligible to receive various support measures which bring out expertise of support organizations participating in the consortium.

Founders of the consortium (also the members of the conference) are as follows:
(in the order of the Japanese syllabary)

  • Mr. Tetsuo Ikeda, President, KOMATSU SEIREN Co., Ltd.
  • Mr. Nobuyuki Ota, CEO, Cool Japan Fund Inc.
  • Mr. Hiroshi Onishi, Former President, Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd.
  • Mr. Mitsuo Oya, Senior Vice President and General Manager , Fibers & Textiles Division, Toray Industries, Inc.
  • Ms. Yoko Ohara, Director, Women’s Empowerment In Fashion
  • Mr. Yoshiharu Kaihara, Chairman, Kaihara Co., Ltd.
  • Mr. Shigeru Kimoro, President, Takashimaya Company Limited
  • Mr. Hirofumi Kurino, Senior Advisor, UNITED ARROWS LTD.
  • Ms. Sayumi Gunji, Creative Director/CEO, gumi-gumi Corporation
  • Mr. Daisuke Gemma, Office Daisuke Gemma
  • Mr. Richard Collasse, President, Chanel K.K
  • Mr. Masahiro Shima, Chairman, SHIMA SEIKI MFG., LTD.
  • Mr. Ryoji Shoda, Executive Officer, ASICS Corporation
  • Mr. Satoshi Nagashima, Senior Partner, Roland Berger Ltd.
  • Mr. Yasuyuki Nishikawa, President, Nishikawa Sangyo Co., Ltd.
  • Mr. Takeshi Hirouchi, Representative Director, ONWARD HOLDINGS CO., LTD.
  • Mr. Masahiko Miyake, Chairman, TSI HOLDINGS CO., LTD
  • Ms. Chizuru Muko, WWD JAPAN Editor in Chief, INFAS PUBLICATIONS, INC.
  • Mr. Masao Yamashita, Director, A-GIRL’S CO., LTD.
  • Mr. Toshio Yamada, President, LIFESTYLE ACCENT INC.


Based on the result of subsequent discussions, "the Consortium for Supporting Young Designers" was officially re-named "the Fashion Disigner Consortium." Therefore, "the Consortium for Supporting Young Designers" described in this press release shall be replaced with "the Fashion Disigner Consortium."

Release date

February 23, 2018

Division in Charge

Cool Japan Promotion Office, Cool Japan Policy Division, Commerce and Service Group

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