Sep 13, 2018
METI and NDRC Joint Event on Japan-China Cooperation Addressing Aging Societies to be Held
Aug 9, 2018
JPO Starts Design-Driven Management
Aug 7, 2018
METI Fukushima Revitalization Fair to be Held
Jul 20, 2018
Cabinet Decision on Cabinet Order for Partial Revision of the Ordinance on the Organization of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Jul 20, 2018
JPO to Hold Kids Summer Event
Jul 4, 2018
A Fake Website Pretending to be METI's Homepage Found
Jun 28, 2018
Release of Japan Patent Office Annual Report 2018
Jun 28, 2018
METI Releases the Revised Report on the Results of the 2016 Economic Census for Business Activity Concerning Data Across Industries
Jun 27, 2018
METI Releases Guidelines for Collaboration between Business Entities and R&D-based Venture Businesses (Second Edition)
Jun 27, 2018
METI Releases Results of the Quarterly Survey of Overseas Subsidiaries (January-March 2018)
Jun 26, 2018
METI to Hold Kids Day Event
Jun 21, 2018
Results of the 2017 Survey on Selected Service Industries Compiled (Preliminary Report)
Jun 15, 2018
The JPO Strengthens Its Cooperative Relationship with the USPTO on Industrial Designs