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METI Journal - English Edition

2015 September issue

  • Feature1  Making regions more active with “visualization”! How to Make Growth Companies

    In Japan, there are many SMEs and mid-ranking companies which have earnings ratios and technologies comparable to large enterprises. These companies will need strategies matching their situations to climb the stairway of growth. So now, the “visualization of growth strategies” is necessary for individual companies and Japan.

  • Feature2  Overcome Current Limitations through Collaboration! Traditional crafts are hot!

    A great attraction for traditional crafts is its “timeless” quality and characteristics. On the other hand, in modern society, the various needs and lifestyles of consumers have increased the necessity of creating new markets for the traditional products. It is, however, also true that business operators have had various difficulties. Therefore, in recent years, efforts have intensified to overcome current limitations through collaboration beyond conventional frameworks. What are the outcomes and achievements of these efforts? We will be following the latest trends.

METI Journal / 2015 September

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