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METI Journal - English Edition

2016 September issue

  • Change is a Chance! The fourth industrial revolution -IoT, big data, AI and robots are the key to growth- (PDF:3,563KB) PDF File

    The environment surrounding business is changing by the minute. In order for Japan to best harness the power of this change and shift to a new phase of economic growth, a “compass” shared by both the public and private sectors is needed. To this end, METI has compiled the “Interim Report on the New Industrial Structure Vision: Strategic Efforts for Taking the Lead in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.” We will touch upon the key points and introduce you to the opinions facing business leaders.

  • Service Industry -Doubling its "earning power"- (PDF:3,790KB) PDF File

    In order for the Japanese economy to keep growing, the overall quality of the entire service industry will inevitably need to be improved. The national government is promoting a strong message of “now is the time to spark a service productivity revolution”. So, how can we spur innovation to this end? Let’s go through some important pieces to the puzzle.

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