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METI Journal - English Edition

2015 May issue

  • Through IoT, Japanese factories connected together  (PDF:6,127KB) PDF File | (ZIP:5,686KB) ZIP File

    The manufacturing industry is undergoing a transformation. It is no longer true that developing countries are the world’s factory. Now the main roles are played by developed countries which possess skill in production technology and IT utilization such as Japan, Europe and the U.S. The keyword is “connection.” Promoting the new informatization is the key to innovation.

  • Why is the "WTO" important for Japan (PDF:539KB) PDF File

    The World Trade Organization (WTO) has 160 Member countries from around the world. The activities of the WTO have a great impact on Japan.
    How was this international organization that supports the principles of free trade established, what roles has the organization played until now, and what does the organization plan to do for the future?

METI Journal / 2015 May

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