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2014 March issue

  • Autonomous Driving (PDF:897KB) PDF File

    It may become possible for automobiles to judge situations autonomously and drive themselves to their destinations accurately. Technology for autonomous driving is being developed in various countries. How will it change the relationship between people and automobiles? Here we will focus on autonomous driving from various perspectives, including opinions from developers, advantages, and various issues.

  • Supporting the Reconstruction of Fukushima (PDF:261KB) PDF File

    Although it has been three years since the accident at TEPCO's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station following the Great East Japan Earthquake, consumers are still feeling unsure about the safety of Fukushima products and sightseeing, and the economic condition of the prefecture remains severe. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry implements measures to eliminate harmful rumors about Fukushima products and sightseeing, and to support the industrial promotion of the prefecture.

METI Journal / 2014 March

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