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2017 January issue

  • Feature1 : The world of manufacturing is changing! - Progress in the New Era of Biotechnology- (PDF:10,432KB)PDF File

    Humans have been utilizing the biological function which surrounds us in everyday life since ancient times. Recently such efforts have reached new levels of sophistication in the form of biotechnology. Now, biotechnology has reached a new turning point and METI is paying attention to the development of the “smart-cell industry.” The smart-cell, which is specifically designed and manipulated to allow it to perform particular functions thanks to specific phenotypic expression, has the potential to fundamentally change the structure of industry and develop solutions to various societal issues. We are now going to introduce some aspects of the smart-cell industry era, which is progressing steadily.

  • Feature2 : Spreading New Innovations in Industries (PDF:2,370KB) PDF File

    Did you know that there is a mechanism where rules are reviewed flexibly so that the seeds of innovation that can change the future are nurtured and spread? The “System to Remove Gray Zone Areas” and “System of Special Arrangements for Corporate Field Tests” rewards the initiative of motivated business operators trying to create innovative services or business models to improve productivity. In this article we will introduce you to some companies that are using the systems and explain concrete steps you can take to make use of the two systems.

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