The Economic Foundations of

Japanese Trade Policy-Promoting a Multi-Layered Trade Policy



Chapter 1. Framework of Trade and Investment Liberalization

1. Comprehensive liberalization in a global age (PDF file, 1,949KB)

2. Trade liberalization and civil society (PDF file, 539KB)


Chapter 2. Widening and deepening regional integration (PDF file, 1,983KB)

1. Economic assessment of regional integration-Dynamic effects

2. Evaluations of precedent-Deepening integration and widening alliances

3. Japan-related regional integration prospects


Chapter 3. Widening and Deepening Regional Interdependence-Growing Interdependence between the Asian Economy and Japan 

1. Interdependence contributes to recovery of Asian and Japanese economies (PDF file, 1,603KB)

2. Current standing of Japanese companies in Asia and issues faced (PDF file, 1,094KB)

3. Structural issues in East Asian sustainable economic growth (PDF file, 2,035KB)



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