2001 Report on the WTO Consistency of Trade Policies
by Major Trading Partners




SUMMARY (PDF file, 69KB)
Preface (PDF file, 39KB)


Chapter 1 Most-Favoured-Nation Treatment Principle   (PDF file, 53KB)
Chapter 2 National Treatment Principle   (PDF file, 40KB)
Chapter 3 Quantitative Restrictions   (PDF file, 89KB)
Chapter 4 Tariffs    (PDF file, 85KB)
Chapter 5 Anti-Dumping Measures                         (PDF file, 213KB)
Chapter 6 Subsidies and Countervailing Measures   (PDF file, 103KB)
Chapter 7 Safeguards   (PDF file, 115KB)
Chapter 8 Trade-Related Investment Measures   (PDF file, 91KB)
Chapter 9 Rules of Origin   (PDF file, 51KB)
Chapter 10 Standards and Conformity Assessment Systems (PDF file, 104KB)
Chapter 11 Trade in Services   (PDF file, 189KB)
Chapter 12 Protection of Intellectual Property   (PDF file, 130KB)
Chapter 13 Government Procurement   (PDF file, 103KB)
Chapter 14 Unilateral Measures (PDF file, 195KB)
Chapter 15 Regional Integration   (PDF file, 164KB)


Chapter 16 Issues Regarding Accession of China, Russia, and Taiwan to the WTO  (PDF file, 194KB)
Chapter 17 Launch and Coverage of the New World  (PDF file, 27KB)
Chapter 18 International Trade of Genetically Modified Organisms   (PDF file, 28KB)
Chapter 19 E-Commerce Discussions (PDF file, 60KB)

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