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Current Survey of Production


This survey is conducted to clearly identify the monthly trends in industrial production and obtain basic materials for mining and manufacturing policies. The scope of this survey covers establishments or enterprises that produce manufactured goods and mineral products (including processed products) set forth by the ministerial ordinance. Survey items consist of minerals, steel and iron, non-ferrous metals, metal products, general machinery, electric machinery, transport machinery, precision machinery, ceramics, stone and clay products, manufactured chemical products, oil and coal products, plastics, pulp and paper, paper and paper processed goods, manufactured textile products, rubber products, leather products, and other manufactured products.

Statistics report

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[published at 8:50 a.m. of December 28, 2018]

November, 2018

[published at 1:30 p.m. of December 14, 2018]

October, 2018
Data File
1.Monthly Report of Current Production Statistics [PDF:2.9MB]PDF file
Iron and steel [Excel:155KB]Excel file
Non-ferrous metals [Excel:129KB]Excel file
Fabricated metals [Excel:139KB]Excel file
General-purpose, production and business oriented machinery [Excel:189KB]Excel file
General-purpose, production and business oriented machinery (continued) [Excel:141KB]Excel file
Electrical machineries, Electronic devices, Information and Communication equipments [Excel:115KB]Excel file
Electrical machineries, Electronic devices, Information and Communication equipments(continued) [Excel:124KB]Excel file
Transport equipment [Excel:88KB]Excel file
Ceramics and building materials [Excel:106KB]Excel file
Pulp, paper and paper products [Excel:106KB]Excel file
Chemical industry [Excel:174KB]Excel file
Rubber and plastic products [Excel:72KB]Excel file
Textiles and other products [Excel:253KB]Excel file
Mining, petroleum and coal products [Excel:71KB]Excel file
3.Raw material [Excel:150KB]Excel file
4.Labor [Excel:77KB]Excel file
5.Productive capacity
Monthly productive capacity and operating ratio [Excel:131KB]Excel file
Indices of machinery and fabricated metal productive capacity [Excel:46KB]Excel file

Iron and Steel ,Non-ferrous Metal and Fabricated Metals Statistics, Textiles and Consumer Goods Statistics, Paper, Printing, Plastics Products and Rubber Products Statistics, Mineral Resources and Petroleum Products,Ceramics and Building Materials Statistics, are being published.


  Yearbook of Current Production Statistics

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