The NetKADEN Grand Prix was established in fiscal year 2005, and its third enforcement will be held this fiscal year.

The NetKADEN Grand Prix is executed in order to materialize the information household appliance brand strategy that was designed as a part of the international competitiveness reinforcement plan of information household appliances in the vision for information-based economy and industries, developed by the Subcommittee on Information-based Economy, the Industrial Structure Council, in April 2005.

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry defines fields of information appliances for consumers and service industries, using them as a field of information household appliances, and considers them important to the Japanese economy. The NetKADEN Grand Prix aims to promote the acknowledgment of the commodities and services in the field of information household appliances to the public, to enhance their values, and to develop and extend them.

The NetKADEN Grand Prix is organizad by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

For further information, e-mail netkaden@meti.go.jp