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Commissioner, Small and Medium Enterprise Agency

Hisayoshi Ando

picture of Commissioner, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy Ms. Satoshi Kusakabe

Mr. Ando has served as Commissioner of the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency (SMEA) since July 2017. As the head of SMEA, he supervises all policy measures relating to SMEs in Japan. These policies include the reconstruction of damaged SMEs in areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, promoting innovation and support for venture businesses, and generating support for small businesses.

Mr. Ando previously served as Director-General of the Commerce and Information Policy Bureau, where oversaw policy related to information technology (IT), cyber security, healthcare and the government’s “Cool Japan” initiative to cultivate and promote Japan’s creative industries.

Having been Executive Secretary to the Prime Minister, Executive Secretary to the Minister of METI, and Director of Minister’s Secretariat, Mr. Ando has a broad and deep insight about Japanese government policy.

Earlier in his career, as Director of Iron and Steel division, Mr. Ando led a diplomatic dialogue about an overcapacity problem with China and other Asian countries. He also faced cross-border M&A issues, and played a key role in legislations on countermeasures against hostile takeover bids.

Mr. Ando also has energy expertise in the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy. When he served as Director of General Policy Division in the agency, Mr. Ando formulated the initiative for CO2 reduction toward 2020. Other career highlights include securing the supply of petroleum products in disaster areas following the Great East Japan Earthquake while serving as Director-General, Natural Resources and Fuel Department. Assuming a major earthquake, he also tackled resilience of the petroleum and gas supply chain network in Japan, and energy cost reduction though shale gas negotiation with Russia.

Mr. Ando is a graduate of Tokyo University and also spent 2 years studying abroad at Michigan University.

Mr. Ando was born on April 24th, 1960 in Aichi prefecture, Japan.

Last updated:2017-08-02