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Regarding Putting into Effect the Restriction of Electricity Use Based on Article 27 of the Electricity Business Act

As for the restriction of electricity use based on Article 27of the Electricity Business Act, which was described as “the government will proceed with preparations to effectively use the article” in  the “ Electricity Supply-Demand Measures in Summer Time” (decided by the Electricity Supply-Demand Emergency Response Headquarters on May 13, 2011) , has been decided to be implemented as follows:


Large electricity customers (contracted supply is 500kW or more), who conclude  electricity supply-demand contracts directly with Tokyo Electric Power Company, Tohoku EPCO, and Specified-Scale Electricity Utilities that supply electricity in the service areas of TEPCO and Tohoku EPCO.

The subjects shall be judged by the scale of contract with the electric utilities (or by the size of the business establishment).

Restriction Period and Time

TEPCO service area : July 1 to September 22 (weekdays), 2011, 09:00 to 20:00
Tohoku EPCO service area: July 1 to September 9 (weekdays), 2011, 09:00 to 20:00

Restriction Contents

In principle, the upper limit of power use shall be 15% reduced from “the maximum power use (per hour) for the above-mentioned period and time in 2010”.

If the figure is unknown or if there is a change in the contracted power, necessary supplementary measures will be taken.

Scheme to Jointly Reduction of Electricity Use

Business establishments of large electricity customers may introduce the scheme, which enable them to reduce the total amount of maximum use of electricity by endeavoring to reduce the maximum use of electricity jointly.

If the total use of power can be reduced by 15% or more, business establishments of large and small electricity customers will be able to utilize the joint restriction scheme under certain conditions.  

Exemption from Application and Relaxation of the Restriction

Evacuation areas and business establishments located around Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Station shall be exempt from application.

To minimize the impact on society and the economy, alleviation measures should be taken depending on the actual situation responding to the type of industry and business conditions.

  1. Facilities indispensible for securing people’s lives and health (hospitals, water and sewage, etc.)
  2. Facilities indispensable for stable economic and social activities, as well as impossible to apply uniform restrictions due to how the electricity is used (railways, clean rooms, data centers, etc.)
  3. Facilities indispensible for restoration and reconstruction in the affected areas (municipality buildings, etc.)

*As for electricity customers who are entitled to relaxed implementation of the restriction, METI and other ministries related to such business establishments will examine the matter cooperatively, and ask them to tackle the reduction of electricity, when needed.

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