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Fukushima 2020

This page features information on Fukushima's recovery and reconstruction.


Hamadori, the eastern area of Fukushima, is steadily progressing towards recovery and reconstruction. As of March 2020, the evacuation orders for a part of the region--Futaba Town, Okuma Town, and Tomioka Town--were lifted and the entire Joban Line resumed operation.
Fukushima produces agricultural, forestry, and marine products with special care placed into making safe, trusted, and delicious products. The area's traditional culture, artisanal crafts, and rich nature can be experienced at many tourist spots. The prefecture also has many leading companies in fields like robotics and energy.
This website shows the “Now of Fukushima” that can be seen in the present state of Hamadori, as they continue to take on challenges towards their future. Please take a look at the videos on this website.

Past Videos

  • Fukushima Today -8 years after the Earthquake-
  • 震災から8年、ふくしまは今
  • 教育評論家meets FUKUSHIMA
  • 芸人meets FUKUSHIMA
  • ふくしま×できること ミツフジ
  • ふくしま×できること 福島エコクリート
  • ふくしま×できること フォーアールエナジー
  • ふくしま×できること 小高ワーカーズベース
  • ふくしま×できること あすびと福島
  • アイドルmeets FUKUSHIMA
  • ふくしま×できること 福島で働くとは?

Fukushima Access & Reconstruction Area Map

Access from Tokyo

By Train
Tokyo Station → (Joban Line) → Iwaki Station (2.5 hours)