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Daily Life Support

Introducing requests with regards to purchase of daily commodities, relief supplies for affected areas, and information on credit card call centers

To all people

Each distributing company has enough supply capacity to meet the demand. Therefore, we would appreciate people's cooperation to please refrain from purchasing non-urgent goods unnecessarily.

To all industries

METI is coordinating the procurement of critical items - power generators, blankets, etc - required by prefectures affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake and delivering them to those areas.
If your enterprises and organizations are interested in providing relief supplies, please let the related METI's units (division and officeson the list ) know.

*We are afraid we cannot accept offers from individuals.

METI has already requested 11 organizations of the distribution industry to secure and supply daily necessities smoothly. We would appreciate your cooperation.

In order to ensure maximum and smooth supply of critical items, we have requested the enterprises administered by METI to build the best delivery system of critical items.
The supplies we requested, the relevant organizations we asked to coordinate and the related METI's units (divisions and offices) are as indicated below.

To New Graduates

> Dream Match Project (SME Recruitment Capacity Improvement Program) (Press Release: April 13, 2011)

METI published employment information especially aimed at new graduates in affected areas under the Dream Match Project (SME Recruitment Capacity Improvement Program) seeking to match new graduates who have yet to receive a provisional employment offer or who have had such an offer withdrawn with SMEs who are or have been looking to hire new graduates.

Credit Cards

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