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"Restricted area" near TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station

1. Entry into the "Restricted area"* is strictly controlled.

An evacuation order has been issued for the Areas under the Act on Special Measures Concerning Nuclear Emergency Preparedness. Limited entry into the Area is permitted by local governments to public entities, affected residents, and workers in reconstruction programs. Gate passes and IDs are checked at gates located along the boundary.
Do not enter the Area beyond the barriers or gates without permission under any circumstances. Security patrols and security camera surveillance are carried out by police and local governments throughout the area. Entry without permission may be reported to the police and may carry the charge of trespassing in some cases.

You need to consult the relevant local government in advance for entry permission for the purpose of public broadcasting and/or photography.

2. Do not exit your vehicle on roads inside the Area.

Four-wheel vehicles (and motorcycles for some roads) are allowed to pass through on specific routes inside the
Area. However, do not stop the vehicle on road sides except in the case of an emergency or for the sake of safety. Entry into lands or buildings beyond the barrier may carry the charge of trespassing. Police may check vehicles stopped at road sides. Bicycles and pedestrians may not enter these routes.

3. Reconstruction work is proceeding gradually in the Area. Your understanding and cooperation would be highly appreciated.

You can find information on revitalization in Fukushima on the websites below.

* The term "Areas where returning is difficult" was formerly used instead of “Restricted area” as a literal translation from Japanese.

Division in Charge

Support Team for Residents Affected by Nuclear Incidents, Nuclear Emergency Response Headquarters, Cabinet Office

Last updated:2021-05-20