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Japan's Challenges
Concerning the Domestic and International Implications of TEPCO's Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Station

March 8, 2012
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

Table of Contents

A. Japan Faces an Unprecedented ChallengePDF File
(Enormous Earthquake, Tsunamis and Nuclear Accident)(PDF:698KB)

  1. Damage
  2. Rescue Efforts and Foreign Assistance
  3. Nuclear Power Stations

B. Key ChallengesPDF File(PDF:1,082KB)

  1. Cool Down of the Reactors
  2.  Rigorous and Intensive Monitoring
  3. Rigorous and Intensive Monitoring
  4. Ensure the Safety of Food, Products and Decontamination

C. Impact on Japanese EconomyPDF File(PDF:954KB)

  1. Reconstruction and Recovery
  2. Estimated Economic Damage of the Earthquake and Plan for Reconstruction
  3. Electricity and Energy Policy
  4. Steps in Policy Measures for Reconstruction

D. Information SharingPDF File(PDF:317KB)

  1. Speedy Dissemination of Accurate Information
  2. Press Release by International Organizations
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