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【METI Mobile】Debut of new sake smartphone app

Picture showing scanning a sake label using the app.

People around the world are falling in love with Japanese cuisine, triggering an international “sake boom” with exports of Japan’s rice wine almost tripling in the last decade. To help familiarize the world with sake, Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has launched “sakefan World”?a free smartphone app.

Breaking the “label barrier”
The labels on Japanese sake bottles lack a standardized format and are often indecipherable to people outside Japan. This “label barrier” makes it very difficult to identify different kinds of sake. By offering multilingual label explanations of select sake brands, METI hopes this new, easy-to-use smartphone app will demystify the world of Japanese sake. New sake fans will quickly be able to get a standardized set of terms in English, drawn from a list curated by Japan’s National Research Institute of Brewing.
How to use “sakefan World”
When you hold your smartphone’s camera over a sake label, METI’s “sakefan World” app displays information about the bottle you’re holding, including alcohol content, ideal serving temperature (hot, warm, chilled) and food pairing suggestions. Moving forward, METI plans to expand the “sakefan World” database to offer users even more insights into the world of sake.
Discover Japan through sake
Picture showing sakefan World testing booth at “Oishii Japan 2015” in Singapore.
Sakefan World users can also glimpse into the sake brewing process through a series of videos and photos, which METI hopes will inspire sake fans worldwide to discover more about the people, businesses, and places that produce these unique spirits. (The photo above shows a sakefan World testing booth at “Oishii Japan 2015” in Singapore, the premier showcase for Japanese food and drink.)
The beta version of “sakefan World” is exclusively available for download on iOS version 7 or later. (Free from the Apple Store). Please visit the “sakefan World” websiteExternal link.
Last updated: 2015-12-15
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