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【METI Mobile】How to Find the Best Service in Japan

Omotenashi Standard Certification sign

Have you ever stepped into a shop and been put off by uncleanliness or poor service? To help shoppers enjoy each shopping experience with confidence, Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) launched a new service quality certification program in August 2016.

What is “Omotenashi”?

Defined as “Japanese hospitality,” “Omotenashi” is at the heart of METI’s new “Omotenashi Standard Certification” for all service industries. The program helps consumers identify high-quality service providers quickly and easily through the distinctive signs displayed at certified businesses.

Online applications available

For the 2016 Omotenashi Standard Certification program, service providers in Japan can apply for certification on the official website free of charge. After inputting their company information, each business fills out a self-evaluation checklist. METI expects service providers across a variety of sectors will apply for certification through this program.

Guidelines for best practices

Though self-evaluations may not always guarantee quality services at each business applying, the checklist serves as a helpful aid to raise awareness of service best practices. METI also expects that certification signs will help tourists in Japan discover more and more high-quality restaurants, hotels and shops.

Goals for Tokyo 2020

METI will continue to build the program with the aim of registering 300,000 service providers by 2020. METI is also considering a global standardization of the system to promote Japan’s famed “Omotenashi” business model for service quality worldwide.

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Last updated: 2016-09-15
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