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【METI Mobile】Vietnam-Japan University Deepens ASEAN Ties

photo:METI Minister Seko delivering a celebratory speech at Vietnam -Japan University

In September 2016, Japan’s Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry delivered a celebratory speech at the newly-established Vietnam-Japan University in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Building bridges between Japan and SE Asia

A result of inter-governmental cooperation, the Vietnam-Japan University master’s programs provides education and research opportunities in the fields of public policy, business administration, environmental engineering and other issues. The university, which aims to promote education as a bridge between Japan and Vietnam, recently welcomed is inaugural class of seventy-two graduate students

Developing local human resources

Over 180,000 people from the ASEAN region, including Vietnam, have been invited to Japan to take part in skills training courses. After learning about Japan’s outstanding manufacturing skills, participants help to contribute to regional economic development in their home countries. Actively developing the next generation of ASEAN leaders will help propel Japan and the ASEAN region into a new era of equal cooperative partnership.

Uncovering new talent

Some of the skills training program’s 180,000 participants have already used their experience to take an active leadership role in their economies. To continue fostering leadership in the ASEAN region, Japan is considering a new program tentatively titled “Monozukuri Human Resource Ambassadors,” which would promote more partnerships between companies in Japan and ASEAN economies.

Expanding collaboration

Private-sector startups in Japan and Thailand are already deepening collaboration. When facing regulatory barriers to innovative business models utilizing new technologies, these startups partner on regulatory reform proposals to local governments.

By encouraging public and private cooperation programs, Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) hopes to further the growth of both Japan and its partners in the ASEAN region.

photo:Electric “tuk-tuk” three-wheel taxis
(Development on electric “tuk-tuk” three-wheel taxis at Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology)

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Last updated: 2016-11-04
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