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【METI Mobile】Discover the Beauty of Japan through METI’s Free Photo Library

photo:Risshakuji Temple in Yamagata Prefecture
(Risshakuji Temple in Yamagata Prefecture) cMETIs, Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0)

How much do you think it costs to license this photo? With the free new PHOTO METI web service from Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), beautiful royalty-free photos of Japan are just a click away.

Historic landmarks, scenic beauty

Risshakuji Temple in Yamagata Prefecture, pictured above, stands on a cliff surrounded by nature. The temple is a designated national historical site, and one of over 50 areas catalogued by the new service.

Royalty-free photos for all

METI started the PHOTO METI web service to provide photos of the beautiful scenery from over 50 sites in Japan. All photos are available royalty-free for both commercial and personal use under Creative Commons (CC) license. Modifying photos is also permitted under the license. Users are only required to note the source of the photos they use.

Promoting Japan abroad

The PHOTO METI website is aimed at tourists traveling to Japan and overseas travel agencies. By licensing photos through CC and providing all information in English, METI is working to hook tourists and travel agencies on Japan’s beautiful scenery, spark their interest, and encourage them to come and see the scenery up close. The website also provides helpful data including the degree of tourist congestion around the sites of each photo.

photo:Degree of congestion in Yamagata Prefecture
(Degree of congestion in Yamagata Prefecture)

Uncovering new hidden gems

In addition to this effort, METI is advancing another project to uncover new regional tourist sites that are not yet well known at home or abroad. METI supports regional efforts to leverage food, historical folk houses and art as tourist attractions to revitalize regional economies and SMEs.

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Last updated: 2016-11-10
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