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【METI Mobile】Japan and China Work Together on Energy Conservation

METI Minister Seko and NDRC Chairman Xu after successful discussions

Representatives from Japan and China met in Beijing to discuss energy conservation and environmental issues on November 26, 2016.

High-level talks

The forum marked the tenth Japan-China bilateral discussion on energy conservation in 2016, bringing together ministerial-level officials from both countries for the first time in four years. Japan’s Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, Mr. Hiroshige Seko, joined China’s Mr. Xu Shaoshi, Chairman of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), the administrative organization responsible for China’s macroeconomic and energy policies.

Creating business opportunities

Past forums have successfully spurred several Japan-China joint projects, such as the production and sale of boilers that generate power using residual heat from the cement making process. The project was spearheaded through a joint venture between partner companies in Japan and China, leading to outstanding success for both. The joint venture successfully established sales channels not only in China, but also expanded its reach to other countries. As energy conservation efforts ramp up in China and other regions in Asia, Japan’s manufacturers are leveraging their energy-efficient technologies to seize business development opportunities in these regions.

Private sector stakeholders take notice

The November forum brought together as many as 800 stakeholders from companies in Japan and China, and fostered agreements on 28 new joint projects, bringing the number of Japan-China joint projects to 313 since the annual energy conservation forum began. Minister Seko and Chairman Xu further reaffirmed their commitment to deepening Japan-China cooperation on energy conservations initiatives.

Leveraging strengths

Japan has a wealth of experience in full-scale national energy conservation efforts, high-quality technology and expertise, while China’s great potential for growth continues to create opportunities in its economy and society. With these complementary strengths in mind, Japan and China will continue to cooperate on mutually beneficial energy conservation initiatives.

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