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【METI Mobile】Japan’s Mascots Promote Green Energy at EXPO 2017 Astana

(Mascot characters Morizo and Kiccoro)

The official mascots of EXPO 2005 in Japan will also promote Japan’s contribution to future energy at the EXPO 2017 Japan Pavilion in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Where are they going ?

This June, EXPO 2017 kicks off in Kazakhstan’s capital city, Astana, in Central Asia. Under the theme of “Future Energy,” EXPO 2017 Astana will showcase the latest efforts to advance sustainable energy goals worldwide, including CO2 reduction, energy efficiency, and energy for all.

At EXPO 2017’s Japan Pavilion, Morizo and Kiccoro, the forest spirits pictured above, will help demonstrate how a “Smart Mix with Technology” is possible through a combination of simple and state-of-the-art solutions.

METI Minister Seko and NDRC Chairman Xu after successful discussions

Japan Pavilion Special Features

Morizo and Kiccoro will help children and grownups learn about green energy and how it can boost energy supplies without damaging the environment. Throughout the expo, they’ll join other Japan Pavilion supporters to present an interactive science show, fun storytelling, music and more.

Who are the other supporters?

Other supporters of the Japan Pavilion will include: Mr. Denjiro Yonemura, a scientist famed for his fun and interactive TV science program; Mr. Utazo Katsura, a Rakugo comedy storyteller who has performed in Kazakhstan; and Mr. Tatsuo Kamon, a Japanese singer/songwriter, who has collected 650 EXPO badges from around the world.

[Logo and the exhibition theme of the Japan Pavilion]

The Japan Pavilion’s logo for EXPO 2017 features three splashes of color that stand for conventional energy, renewable energy and the energy of the future. The overlapping sections represent the energy mix, while the red circle in the center symbolizes Japan. The logo demonstrates society moving toward the future as one.

If you find yourself at EXPO 2017 this June, make sure to visit the Japan Pavilion!

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Last updated: 2017-03-01
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